Facebook relaunches news feed

  • Social networking giant Facebook relaunched its news feed on Thursday featuring larger images and image-based adverts along with new ways to filter content.

    Users will now see multiple feeds dividing content by categories instead of a single feed.

    The revamp, announced at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, comes in a bid to make users spend more time on the website as they browse through the different feeds.

    It marks the second high-profile product launch this year, following the unveiling of its social search feature in January.

    Founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said the new design was aimed at the site becoming the "best personalized newspaper".

    Facebook's newsfeed, which displays a live stream of photos, videos and comments uploaded by a user's network of friends, is one of the three "pillars" of the service, along with its search tool and user profiles.