Egypt launches first locally manufactured tablet computer

  • Egypt has launched its very first tablet computer as part of a nationwide project to distribute the device to schools and universities.

    The scheme was introduced by Ministry of Military Production and the Ministry of Communications in collaboration with Benha Electronics Company, known as Katron.

    The plan is for the 'Inar’ device to replace books and notebooks.

    With a 9.7-inch and a weight of 750 grams, Inar features a USB port and is 3G and Wi-fi enabled. It also has two cameras and an Android 4.0 operating system.

    It has a built-in memory of 8 GB and storage capacity of up to 32 GB with a battery life of around 16 hours.

    Katron currently makes 300 units of the tablet every day.

    The tablet sells for $220 but is sold to the Ministry of Education at a subsidized price.

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