Eastman Kodak Allowed To Auction Digital Patents

  • Overruling objections raised by Apple and Flashpoint Technologies, a US Bankruptcy Court has approved the bid by Eastman Kodak to auction off over 1,100 digital patents currently held by the Rochester-based digital imaging and photography company. Kodak had filed for bankruptcy earlier, in January this year, and the bids for Kodak’s Digital Capture and Kodak Imaging Systems and Services patents promise to ease some of the company’s current financial woes. Apple Inc. had claimed about 10 patents from Kodak’s Digital Capture portfolio and was supported by Flashpoint, an intellectual property company. In June, Kodak had asked the court to prohibit Apple and Flashpoint from claiming ownership as this could impede the sale of these patents portfolios. The court has now proclaimed the patents “free and clear” of all claims by Apple and Flashpoint. Kodak started in 1892 and has been beleaguered by stiff competition for over 15 years now.