China IP address linked to South Korea cyber-attack

  • A cyber-attack on South Korean banks and broadcasters is believed to have come from an Internet address in China, according to South Korean officials on Thursday.

    The revelation comes a day after hackers used a Chinese address to plant a malicious code that hit networks at six organizations.

    Korea's Communications Commission (KCC) said that all six attacks appeared to come from a single source.

    "Unidentified hackers used a Chinese IP address to contact servers of the six affected organisations and plant the malware which attacked their computers," said Park Jae-moon of South Korea's communications regulator.

    "At this stage, we're still making our best efforts to trace the origin of attacks, keeping all kinds of possibilities open," he added.

    Officials stressed that the IP address does not indicate who was behind the attack because hackers can redirect their attacks through addresses in other countries.

    North Korea was previously blamed for attacks in 2009 and 2011.

    According to intelligence experts, North Korea regularly uses Chinese computer addresses to conceal its cyber-attacks.

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