CES 2017: Clothes-folding robot Flodimate set to launch

  • The clothes-folding robot that has been under development for more than a decade is all set to go on sale. Creating ripples for its feature of laundry folding, the robot has been launched during CES 2017 at Las Vegas. Though the FoldiMate doesn't exactly eliminate all your work as it can't handle large items like bed sheets or small ones like underwear and socks, but even with its limitations, this robot promises to finish a load of laundry two times faster than manually folding.

    The robot can handle about 15 to 20 items per load while promising consistent, high-quality folds every time. Though the FoldiMate won't be available for a while, the California-based start-up developing this robot expects to start taking pre-orders next year and hopes to ship by 2018.

    This isn't the first laundry folding robot. Back in January Japan-based Seven Dreamers had launched. Unlike the FoldiMate, Laundroid lets one throw their crumpled clothes in a bottom bin and they're moved up to shelves neatly