Bar shames man over unpaid tab using social media

  • The Brewer's Cabinet bar in Reno, Nev. filed a police report and posted a picture of the man who had ran out on a $100 bar tab. An employee at the bar is said to have taken the picture. 

    The Brewer's Cabinet also warned other local business about Saul Zelaznog's alleged practice and the co-owner of the bar, Chris Kahn said "all his friends paid and left and he was the last one. The server needed to collect his money. He said he forgot his wallet."

    Zelaznog has now been arrested and jailed. He is said to have been on probation with accusations of such behavior in the past as well. 

    Social media had made it possible for customers to express their thoughts on the various places but the restaurant owners have now discovered that they can too use such methods to air their own grievances about customers. 

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