Apple paid less than 2 percent tax outside U.S.

  • Apple paid less than 2 percent corporate tax on its overseas profits, according to papers filed with U.S. regulators.

    The tech giant is the latest company to come under scrutiny over paying low rates of overseas tax, following Starbucks, Facebook and Google.

    Apple paid $713 million in corporation tax outside the U.S. in the year to September 29.

    However, during that same period its overseas earnings increased more than 50 percent to $36.8 billion.

    The drop in Apple’s overseas tax rate, from 2.5 percent the previous year to 1.9 percent, came as the company recorded global sales of 125 million iPhones, 58 million iPads and 13.5 million MacBook laptops.

    A recent investigation by Britain's Sunday Times found that America's top five technology companies legally avoided paying around$ 850 million in corporation tax last year.