Apple challenges Google's android

  • Apple came out with a colorful and cheaper iPhone in order to challenge Google's Android and to regain lost market share from it. 

    The Cupertino-based company introduced two new devices together for the first time and said "this allows us to serve even more customers."

    The traditional upgrade iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C sell at $199 and $99 (with two year-contracts) respectively. 

    This is definitely one of the most significant moves by the company since Tim Cooks took over from Steve Jobs. 

    The softening of price in case of the new iPhone 5C shows that the company is looking to revive its market share. Now the only question is whether or not this strategy came by too late and if Apple can keep its profit margins. 

    Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps mentioned that for a company to reach maximum number of customers, it would have to allow for it product to be affordable for more people. "Android appeals to the greatest number of customers because the operating system is free, which allows hardware makers to sell their phones cheaper."

    The traditional upgrade by the company is expected to sell quickly since the new features such as fingerprint authentication is enough to attract its customers into buying the new model. 

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