Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader

  • There could have been an argument about Barnes & Nobles Nook e-reader being the best e-reader a few years ago but there isn't much competition left after the introduction of the Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon.

    The Kindle is just perfect in terms of size and weight and the rubber back enables you to hold on to it securely. The display is the best thing about this e-reader since the screen doesn't even appear to be patchy while reading in dim light. The display is nice and sharp and combined with the touch panel, the e-reader becomes really convenient for those who highlight passages, etc. 

    Moreover, the e-book library for the Kindle is large and Prime users have access to a free library called the Kindle Lending Library. The company does offer a Kindle without a touchscreen for $70 but spending a little extra would enable you to make use of all the benefits of having the Paperwhite. 

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