A new book details Twitter's origins

  • A new book entitled "Hatching Twitter," written by journalist Nick Bilton, talks about the history of the company in detail. It turns out Twitter has enough mistakes and rivalries for it to be made into a film similar to "The Social Network."

    Twitter initially began as a side project before founder Noah Glass began to work on the new site along with Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone. 

    Each of the co-founders came up with essential ideas for the social media site but couldn't prevent divisions. Dorsey became CEO of the company after he and Williams ousted Glass. However, Dorsey lacked experience and got drunk and hospitalized at the first event for Twitter. 

    Williams took over after Dorsey but his position was soon taken away by Dorsey as well as investors. 

    It appears as if Biz Stone is the only positive figure in the book and in the history of the company. 

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