Chinese Hackers

Second major breach: Now, US intelligence and military data targeted

Hackers, believed to be based in China, may have accessed information on American military and intelligence personnel,…

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Chinese hackers break into database of US federal government employees

Chinese hackers managed to break into the database of the US federal government employees earlier this year with the aim…

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Hack attack: US army shuts down its website

The US army had to temporarily shut down its website, army.mil, after it was targeted by hackers. The army said…

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Massive data breach 'originating in China' targets US government workers

Chinese hackers are believed to have carried out a “massive” breach involving data of millions of American government workers, US…

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Microsoft fixes flaw exploited by 'Chinese hackers'

Microsoft has patched up a flaw which “Chinese hackers” exploited to target US networks. The bug was…

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Chinese hackers access US weapons systems designs

Chinese hackers have obtained the designs for US weapons systems, according to a report in the Washington Post on Tuesday.…

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