Woman rows across Pacific alone

  • It took Sarah Outen 150 days and exhaustion-induced hallucinations to row amongst storms and close encounters with cargo ships and sharks.

    The British adventurer is now back on dry land and has become the first woman to be able to row 4,315 miles all the way from Japan to Alaska.

    Outen, who had given up on the project last year, popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated after arriving in Aleutian Islands. 

    "I have had some of the most intense and memorable months of my life out on the Pacific," Outen said. She mentioned that her experience was brilliant and brutal at the same time. 

    Outen used a satellite phone call and became engaged to her girlfriend when she was about halfway through her journey. Her previous achievements include her becoming the first female to be able to row alone across the Indian ocean. 

    She has fulfilled half of her mission to cycle, row and kayak around the world and is now planning on returning to Alaska next year to complete what she started. 

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