Undercover cops at Seahawks game

  • Police are going to the Seahawks game dressed as 49ers fans. The tactic is aimed at controlling the fights and attacks that fans become involved in. 

    A police spokesman said "the goal here is to get people to be on their best behavior."

    Like last year, people who are asked to leave the stadium for violations will be asked to to complete a four-hour long educational course, costing $75. The fans will then be informed when they will be allowed to come for events at the stadium. A criminal complaint will be issued against any fan who enters without authorization. 

    A fan wearing a Packers jersey got his face smashed and said "my eye I couldn't open the first night, my nose had to be re-broken the following week." 

    Seahawks have, in the recent years introduced additional security measures such as pat downs and bag checks. 

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