Strikes threaten to disrupt London Games

  • Strikes by train drivers and immigration officials threaten to bring major disruptions to the London Olympics.

    The British government has warned labor unions that they risk public anger if the industrial action went ahead.

    The Aslef rail union announced that 450 of its members in central England would walk out between August 6 and 8 in a row over pensions, affecting passengers travelling from other parts of the country into the capital.

    Aslef's decision coincided with a move by border officials to strike on July 26, the eve of the Games.

    The British government has already come under fire for having to call in thousands of extra soldiers to guard the Games after a private security firm failed to deliver on its contract.

    Even the persistent wet weather seems to have dampened spirits ahead of the sporting event, which the British media have nicknamed the "Soggy Olympics".

    Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has rejected accusations that the build-up to the 2012 Olympics has been shambolic, stating that for an operation of such a scale the preparations had been smooth.