Should the NFL penalize the N-word?

  • One of the recent debates about the NFL have been regarding whether or not the league should ban the N-word. 

    "It's an atrocious idea," Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said. "It's almost racist, to me. It's weird they're targeting one specific word. Why wouldn't all curse worlds be banned then?"

    He noted that the same word could be used in other ways depending on the situation. "It's in the locker room and on the field at all times," he said. "I hear it almost every series out there on the field."

    There are also those who think doing so would be better for the league. 

    "Ultimately, if the NFL can get it done, it's great for our game," free agent linebacker D'Qwell Jackson said. "But I think refs have a hard enough time officiating the game now. Now they'd be asked to police language?"

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