Runner logs one mile for every fallen Vietnam Vet

  • Runner Michael Bowen has finished running over 58,000 miles- one for every US vet who lost his life during the Vietnam War. Bowen, 65 living in Michigan has been running since 1982 despite suffering from colon cancer and having three surgeries on his knees. 

    Bowen, also referred to as "Flagman" finished his special mile yesterday and completed the long run at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial while carrying the usual POW/MIA flag. 

    Bowen served in the Vietnam era and was an Army vet himself. He mentioned that his inspiration for the run came from talking to a woman during a visit to the wall at its dedication. Her son was listed as a POW. 

    Although the run is now over, Bowen is still not ready for a nice rest. "I've got another 3,000 more for the people who died on 9/11"

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