IOC strips medals from four Athens Olympic athletes

  • The International Olympics Committee (IOC) has stripped medals from four 2004 Athens Olympic medallists caught doping during the Games.

    The athletes include Ukraine's shot put champion Yuriy Bilonog, silver medalist Ivan Tsikhan of Belarus in the hammer throw event, women's shot putter Svetlana Krivelyova of Russia and discus thrower Irina Yatchenko of Belarus, who both won bronze medals in their disciplines.

    Three-times world champion Tsikhan also lost his bronze medal from the 2008 Beijing Games but the decision was revoked by the Court of Arbitration for Sport due to a laboratory procedural error.

    A case involving a fifth unnamed athlete is still pending, the IOC said on Wednesday.

    All four tested positive for anabolic steroids when some 100 samples from the 2004 Games were retested for banned substances using more modern methods earlier this year.

    The IOC stores samples for eight years in order to re-test for newly discovered substances or for substances for which there was no test available at the time.