Heat Chris Andersen suspended for Game 6

  • The NBA suspended Chris Andersen, the Miami Heat center. Andersen will sit out Game 6 on Saturday against the Indiana Pacers.

    The suspension was the result of an altercation with Tyler Hansbrough, the Pacers forward in Game 5. In the course of the game Andersen shoved Hansbrough to the floor without provocation. Having hit Hansbrough on the chest, Andersen then grappled with Marc Davis, the official who came to break them up.

    Game officials declared technical fouls for both the players and Andersen was called for a flagrant foul 1.

    Subsequently, Stu Jackson, the NBA vice president upgraded Andersen's foul to a flagrant foul 2 while suspending him without pay. Andersen was not available to talk to the media after the game.

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