Fan dies during football game

  • A football fan, in his 30s, died during the 49ers Green Bay Packers game after falling from an elevated walkway. 

    A police spokesman said multiple people who witnessed it mentioned that the man seemed to be intoxicated at the time of the fall around 1:30 pm on Sunday. He had been given first aid prior to the arrival of the ambulance but he died as a result of his injuries. 

    It is not yet clear as to how many feet the man had fallen, but he had suffered serious injuries. 

    His identity is not being revealed until his family is notified. 

    Earlier that day, two football fans were injured when a railing collapsed at the Colts game in Indianapolis. 

    The fans are said to have been leaning against the railing, which led to the team's locker rooms. 

    Colts spokesman said there was no immediate word on the injuries of the fans. 

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