Earl Thomas to bring his barber to the Super Bowl

  • Seahawks safety Earl Thomas will be given a fresh haircut for the Super Bowl by his good friend and barber, Mark Baysinger. 

    Baysinger contacted cornerback Brandon Brown and offered to cut his hair, which Brown appreciated so much that he asked Baysinger to come to Seattle a while later. The barber, then reportedly gave Earl Thomas a proper haircut and began to make weekly trips to cut players' hair before games. 

    "It's became a close personal relationship," Baysinger said. He mentioned that Thomas is one of the best men he knows.

    The barber plans on flying to New York City on Friday and called it a "business trip."

    Reports suggest that his work as a barber is not like any other hairdressers' since he makes sure that players feel and look good prior to games and is extremely meticulous about his work. 

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