Disabled teen excluded from Paralympics

  • The International Paralympics Committee is not letting a champion swimmer be a part of the Paralympic Games since she might not be disabled permanently. 

    The swimmer from Exeter, Victoria Arlen said the ruling was shocking. "I feel like i am being penalized for having hope."

    The teenager had been paralyzed waist down seven years ago and had managed to set a world record in the Paralympics last year. She is being considered ineligible for participation this year for she might receive treatment in the future. Her father said Arlen has been training all year and is devastated with the ruling. 

    U.S. Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte suggested the Paralympic Committee should reevaluate their classification process so no other child is put through such a situation in the future. 

    Arlen had at one point fallen into coma after suffering a disorder of the spinal cord several years ago. 

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