Deon Grant of the New York Giants' retires

  • Deon Grant, a player for the New York Giants' 2011 team in the Super Bowl retired as a member. Grant said he retired since he wanted to be a Giant for the remainder of his life. 

    Grant had undergone surgeries, which didn't let him play in 2012. "The Giants are a connection in my heart that I knew that I was supposed to be there," he said. "The last year that I signed there to go to the Super Bowl, I could have signed with a bunch of teams, but I wanted to sign with the Giants."

    According to Grant, he had been battling to last another year since he had gone to the Super Bowl in 2003. "But once I got to the point that I was at when I got to the Giant, I was a lot more comfortable," he said. "I knew how to enjoy the game instead of just taking it play by play or day by day. I really knew what to look forward to, and I knew what my main focus and my main goal was."

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