China swimmer Ye Shiwen clean, says BOA boss

  • The Chairman of the British Olympic Association's chairman has jumped to the defence of teenage Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen, after an American coach raised doubts over her world record-breaking swim.

    Lord Colin Moynihan said the 16-year-old had passed drug tests and deserved acknowledgment for her talent.

    Ye beat her personal best by around five seconds in the 400-meter Medley.

    Senior coach John Leonard said her performance was disturbing, hinting that doping could have been the cause.

    He added the performance was reminiscent of the East German female swimmers in the 1980s, who were doping on a systematic basis.

    Ye has vehemently denied she has used banned substances while China's anti-doping chief has stated that Chinese athletes have undergone nearly 100 drugs tests since arriving in London, adding that not a single athlete tested positive.