Brett Favre claims he had a loss of memory

  • Rumors say that the St. Louis Rams were planning on luring Brett Favre into playing QB once again. 

    According to CBS Chicago, it's not yet known as to how serious they were but Favre said he wouldn't give up retirement to go back. 

    He mentioned that one of the reasons for doing so is his "scary" memory loss, which made him forget things such as his "daughter playing soccer, playing youth soccer, one summer."

    Favre said this was "pretty shocking" and put a "little fear" in him. 

    "I want to live a long time, I want to live healthy, as close to a normal life as I can," he said. 

    It's not confirmed as to how many hits it takes for someone to show symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) but experts mentioned that there's no head injury, which is safe. 

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