52 days long race around one block in NYC

  • 12 runners have been in the midst of a 3,100 mile long race around a single Jamaica Hills block in New York City. The event is supposed to last up to 52 days and end on Aug. 7. 

    Sarah Barnett, one of the 12 runners has been running since six weeks and has spent 18 hours every day doing the same. She said this has been one of the biggest challenges of her life. 

    "It's a spiritual journey, but sometimes it's really challenging mentally," she said. "It's not like you are in a beautiful forest. You go through moments of loneliness and you are asking yourself: 'Why am I running around this concrete?'"

    Each lap of the race is 54 miles long and the distance was upped from 2,700 to 3,100 in 1997. The runners are supposed to complete the challenge irrespective of the weather and according to the organizers, its the world's longest certified footrace. 

    The neighborhood has welcomed the race and some people have also joined the runners for a few blocks. 

    Only five runners were able to finish the race in 1997. 

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