2022 World Cup stadiums to be built by forced labor

  • Qatar is using abused migrant workers to build the 2022 World Cup stadiums and several Nepalese workers have died as a result. 

    A new Amnesty International report discovered a lot of exploitation in the region since workers are being forced to build the stadiums without pay and are working under unsafe conditions, while living in crowded accommodations. 

    Some migrant workers are being threatened and blackmailed by the employers, who say they could imprison or deport them. 

    According to union groups, thousands of workers could die while building the infrastructure for the World Cup. Reports suggest that many workers were admitted to the main hospital after they fell from heights; about 10 percent of them became disabled. 

    Amnesty called the situation inexcusable on the part of the one of the richest nations in the world.

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