Website makes you meet celebs in exchange for money

  • There's some good news for those who have the money to spend on meeting their favorite celebrities: The website IfOnly, which is run by an entrepreneur in San Francisco, could help you meet Shakira in exchange for $15,000. You could even choose to shake hands with Mike Tyson by paying $50,000. 

    Some experiences are cheap as well. For instance, Chris Cornell's fans could meet him for $850 and Third Eye Blind would sign a guitar for their fan for $30. 

    Founder Trevor Traina said the company plans on offering Web-only experiences in the future and letting the fans receive emails or Facebook posts from their favorite celebrities. 

    The company keeps 20 percent of the proceeds and some of them even go to charity. "We've spent a lot of our time brainstorming ways for people to get the feeling of connection at lower price points," Traina said. 

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