Usher's son hospitalized after accident

  • Tameka Foster, Usher's ex wife has been given a hearing for custody after their older child's hand got stuck in a drain underwater. 

    The divorced couple have two sons together and Usher had been granted the custody of them both last year after a battle with his ex wife. 

    Foster has claimed that Usher is not home most of the time and doesn't take personal care of their children, involving third-parties instead. She mentioned the recent accident of their son in a swimming pool where he was left unsupervised at the singer's home in Atlanta. 

    However, according to the police, the child had been playing with his aunt, Rena Oden at the time of the accident but Oden was unsuccessful at pulling out the boy from the swimming pool. He was then helped by those working on a sound system in the house. 

    The hearing for custody is scheduled for Friday. 

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