Tom Cruise files $50 million lawsuit over claims he abandoned daughter Suri

  • Tom Cruise filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit on Wednesday against magazines that claimed he has abandoned his daughter, Suri, following his divorce from actress Katie Holmes.

    The Hollywood star filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles against the publishers of celebrity magazines In Touch and Life & Style.

    In a statement, Cruise's attorney, Bert Fields, said: "Tom is a caring father who dearly loves Suri. She's a vital part of his life and always will be. To say he has 'abandoned' her is a vicious lie. To say it in lurid headlines with a tearful picture of Suri is reprehensible.”

    The lawsuit refers to two cover stories published by the magazines in July and September with the headlines. A story from In Touch in September claimed that six-year-old Suri, the only child of Cruise and Holmes, had not seen her father in over 44 days.

    Holmes filed for divorce in June after six years of marriage, seeking sole custody of Suri.

    The pair agreed to a custody arrangement, details of which have been kept private.