Steven Seagal pledges that he will fight terrorism

  • Steven Seagal, one of the leading action stars of Hollywood as well as a globally renowned master of the martial art form known as Aikido, has promised that, for the rest of his life, he shall be fighting terrorism.

    He recently went to a ruined school that is located in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia. This school had seen a gruesome hostage situation during 2004. He visited the location with several US Congressmen on June 1 when Russia celebrates Children’s Day. The delegation also went to the memorial cemetery of the town. Here 330 victims of the terror attack have been buried and more than 50 per cent of those are children.

    A spokesman representing the head of the republic where the whole incident happened stated that shock was felt by the visitors upon seeing the graves, especially those of small children. The seize of the school, which took place on September 1, 2004, is regarded as one of the most disturbing happenings in the history of the world.

    In all, 17 adults were first killed by the terrorists who demanded that Russian soldiers be removed from the Chechen Republic and then when the national army raided the school thousands of people were killed in the gunfire exchanged between both the sides. The death count included all the militants with the exception of one. The mastermind of the entire operation was Shamil Basayev, the deceased Chechen warlord.