Miley Cyrus celebrates her 21st birthday with MTV

  • MTV network executives announced that Miley Cyrus would choose the content of the channel for 8 hours on her 21st birthday, on 23rd November. The TV party will begin with "21 Candles: Miley's MTV Moments," an hour-long special highlighting "the 21 reasons why fans love the megastar, including Miley's best MTV moments of all time," the network said. The hour would include clips from the pop star's music videos and performances as well as comments from celebrities on their favorite Miley Cyrus memories.

    The singer would also get to re-air MTV's documentary about her, "Miley: The Movement Deluxe Edition," with new commentary. The channel will also roll out episodes of her favorite MTV shows, "Snooki & JWoww" and "Awkward." Fans can Instagram or tweet birthday greetings with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayMiley to be included in the on-air celebrations.




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