Men in Black 3 topples Avengers at North American box office

  • The third Men in Black alien action comedy has toppled the superhero flick Avengers from the top of the North American box office charts over the weekend.

    MIB 3 starring Will Smith made $55million in the United States and Canada from Friday through to Sunday.

    The movie also topped box offices in 104 countries and is expected to earn a $202 million globally over the four-day Memorial Day weekend.

    The film, part of a franchise that began in 1997, sees Smith reprise his role as Agent J while Tommy Lee Jones plays his partner, Agent K.

    The secret-agent duo is responsible for keeping order among aliens secretly living as humans on Earth.

    The new instalment sees J travelling back to the 1960s to save a younger version of K, played by Josh Brolin.