Man pays for daughter's wedding with Spider-man comic

  • Richard Schaen had bought a Spider-Man comic back in 1963 for only 12 cents. He managed to unearth his old collection at his home in Ohio and put the comic up for auction. The 69-year old made $7,900 in return. "I gave my daughter a promissory note for the money with a picture of the Spider-Man comic, which we can use to pay for a big part of the catering for her reception," he said.

    The ironic part is that Schaen had stopped buying the comics after the birth of his daughter since the comics had become expensive and he couldn't find the time to read them. 

    After auctioning "Amazing Spider-Man" No. 1, Schaen is auctioning more comics from his collection in order to put a new roof on his home. 

    He was just able to sell a copy of "Daredevil" No. 1 and his next sell would be the first three issues of "The Hulk"

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