Kanye expresses nervousness at the early delivery of Kim

  • Kayne West, one of the most popular rap singers of the world, was supposedly more nervous than Kim Kardashian, a very popular socialite and his girlfriend, who was about to give birth to their first child together.

    Kardashian gave birth to a baby daughter on June 15 and it was 5 weeks before the date that had been set for her to deliver the baby. As per media reports, Kardashian was perfectly calm and composed but West was evidently anxious and moving up and down a lot during the whole procedure. He was also seen asking a lot of questions. The baby was supposedly facing some physical issues and Kardashian’s blood pressure had also been booming.

    The doctors had also informed the mother of the critical condition of the baby and stated that she had to be delivered on that night itself so that her life could be salvaged. This had left Kim very nervous but the doctors were able to calm her down with assurances of the fact that in spite of the premature delivery she was capable of delivering the baby. The supposed source has also stated that there is a possibility that Kim asked Kayne to take it easy and breathe and compose himself when normally it is the other way around.

    Media reports have revealed that the newborn has been given the name North West.