Alec Baldwin offered to take pay cut to save 30 Rock

  • Actor Alec Baldwin revealed on Thursday that he offered to take a salary cut to keep NBC comedy 30 Rock on the air.

    As the 7th and final season of the Emmy award winning show begins, Baldwin, who plays the fictional NBC head Jack Donaghy, posted on Twitter; "I offered NBC to cut my pay 20 percent in order to have a full 7th and 8th seasons of 30 Rock. I realize times have changed. I am looking forward to some time off."

    In May, NBC announced that the 7th season would be the last for the show, adding it would have just 13 episodes rather than the regular 21-23.

    The network declined to comment on Baldwin's Twitter remarks.

    The show was created by comedian Tina Fey and inspired by her time as head writer for Saturday Night Live.

    It follows the cast of fictional NBC sketch comedy show TGS with Tracy Jordan, and stars Fey, Baldwin, Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski.

    30 Rock has won 14 Emmy awards, including best comedy series and two for Baldwin as lead actor.