Alanis Morissette struggled to write while pregnant

  • Alanis Morissette has revealed she struggled to write songs while she was pregnant.

    The Canadian singer gave birth to son Ever in December 2010.

    Morissette, who is back with a new album Havoc And Bright Lights admitted: "I thought it would be hugely productive, writing while pregnant. But there was this big hormonal cocktail going on, so it wasn't great. And lots of nausea, too."

    However, she added the songwriting process after giving birth proved to be successful due to an abundance of ideas.

    "I've always written quickly. Some of the songs on Jagged Little Pill were written in 20 minutes, they just poured out of me. It wasn't as fast as that this time around, but no song took longer than 40 minutes," she said.

    Her new album's lead single Guardian is an homage to motherhood. "That's basically me saying if I can't be a parent to my inner self, I can't be a parent to my actual son," said the singer, who is married to rapper Mario Treadway.