The latest X Price task is to help save coral reefs

  • The latest X Price comes with a huge payout. The job is to measure ocean acidification and to get about $2M for doing the same. In addition to the price, you would also be giving yourself the opportunity of helping people understand how coral reefs decay and the reason behind the struggle of oyster populations. 

    The X Price Foundation mentioned that our oceans are in the middle of a silent crisis and said "to fully understand and adapt to the threat of ocean acidification, better pH sensing systems to monitor and collect ocean pH data are urgently needed."

    Oceans have seen a 30 percent increase in acidity due to the 530 billion tons of absorbed carbon dioxide over a span of 250 years. The constantly worsening situation will eventually result in the Southern Ocean by the Antarctica to become corrosive by 2050. 

    The award featuring two $1M purses is officially known as the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health X Prize- one purse for accuracy and the other for affordability. The winning team would be able to take both the purses home. 

    The contest is expected to begin early next year and continue until May 2015. Ocean trials for four finalists will begin at that point. 

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