Tesla to Unveil "Seriously Next Level" Electric Lorry in September

  • Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has said that his company is all set to unveil an electric articulated lorry in September, which is going to be "seriously next level" vehicle.

    He also said that in 18 to 24 months time his company is going to show off an electric pick-up truck.

    Though Elon Musk has strong backing from his investors, analysts are concerned about the fact that Tesla may not be able to meet the excess demand for its current projects.

    Reports say that there are 400,000 pre-orders for Tesla’s mid-market car named “Model 3” (to be finally unveiled in July). However, analysts believe that the company will not be able to meet the demand as the pre-orders are vastly more than its manufacturing capacity.

    Despite the impending hurdles, investors are rallying behind the CEO as they seem to be pretty sure that Musk will be able to meet the ambitious promises.