Teachers pay for the students out of their own pockets

  • Many school teachers are now spending money out of their own pockets in order to buy supplies for the students. The 23-year-old kindergarden teacher, Hannah Martin makes about $34,000 annually and works as a babysitter in her spare time. She said her babysitting jobs are necessary if the kids at school are to rely on supplies out of her pocket. 

    This issue has been increasing and has gotten worse in states such as North Carolina. One of the teachers said they are not forced to spend their own money but some kids don't even eat breakfast before coming to school so the teachers buy them snacks. 

    Many lower-income school districts in particular are facing this issue. A 42-year-old kindergarten teacher said spending money out of your pocket comes with a teachers' job description. Arlee Hall spent about $2,000 on supplies during her second year as a teacher but doesn't spend as much anymore. 

    Eric Moore of North Carolina mentioned that a full effort is required in order to get anything done. "We're trying to encourage outreach to the legislators about this," Moore said. "If we are to get more money from the state, it will have to come from parents, teachers and everyone pushing for it."

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