Sharp rebuilds company by selling strawberries

  • Perhaps you remember owning a Sharp television a couple of years ago. The company reported a $5.5B loss and had to be bailed out by banks a year after that. However, it is now planning on selling a completely different product: Strawberries. 

    The popular snack among the elite in the Middle East is extra sweet and is grown in Japan. However, the shipping sounds like a pain since the fruit would spoil easily while being transported to long distances. 

    In order to address this issue, the company is operating remotely from Japan by regulating light, air quality as well as temperature from an indoors facility in Dubai itself. 

    The company plans on growing 3.000 strawberries every month and upscaling to a factory operation if the business is successful. 

    An official said, "if we can generate results in cultivating strawberries, a plant that is difficult to grow, we can apply the technology to other farm products. 

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