Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear

  • Smartphone and tablets don't sound as exciting after Samsung came up with its new smartwatch. 

    The $299 watch links up with the company's smartphones and tablets in order to let users know when they have any new phone calls or messages. 

    Co-CEO of Samsung unveiled the Gear in Berlin this week and said it will begin shipping to 140 nations on Sept. 25.  

    The watch runs on Android operating system and it's strap is available in various colors including orange, beige and black. 

    The new watch would enable its users to keep their phones in their pockets unless they are notified of any updates. It would also let them make calls hands-free and dictate emails, set alarms and also check weather using only their voices. 

    Despite all these fancy benefits, these devices are under scrutiny with critics wondering if consumers would actually see them as must-haves. 

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