Richest man in China attacked by job seeker

  • One of the richest tycoons in China, the chairman of drinks company Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co Ltd was assaulted in a residential area of the city on Friday. 

    Media reports suggest that Zong Qinghou, 67, suffered serious injuries on his hand. The suspect, who has been arrested had been looking for work and attacked the tycoon after he failed to secure a job with his company. 

    A spokesman from Qinghou's company, which is the largest beverage company in the country said he had nothing new to add to the report.

    The second-richest man with a personal fortune of $18.8B wasn't traveling with bodyguards and was quoted by the media saying that the attack was an accident. 

    Qinghou has been operated on in Hangzhou after having four tendons on his left hand severed. 

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