Quit smoking and earn more money

  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has found that smokers only earn about 80 percent of as much as nonsmokers do. However, people who used to smoke and quit more than a year earlier earn 7 percent more than those who never lit a cigarette to begin with. It was also found that the wages of weekend social smokers and chain smokers suffer just as much. 

    Jack Bradway, lead salesman for a company said smoking has never prevented him from receiving compensation or promotions. But he mentioned that not smoking at all would mean 30 minutes of more work at his desk. The economists, Hotchkiss and Pitts said even if heavy smokers get their work done on time and are productive, their earnings still suffer. They attributed about 60 percent of the wage gap to demographic differences and said smokers tend to be less-educated than nonsmokers. 

    Frank Stafford, an economics professor at the University of Michigan's Population Studies Center said there is "something about the persistent smoker's lack of self-control and inability to quit." Conversely, Kim Ruyle, president of Inventive Talent Consulting, LLC., said smoking could be beneficial when it comes to business. "There's a social aspect to leadership that's important, and there's a social aspect to smoking as well," he said. He mentioned that smoking can pay off in certain professions and is a risky behavior since those who quit, end up adding a dose of discipline, which would be of help in someone's career. 

    Emily Busscher, a quality control technician at a manufacturing company, said she thinks her habit of smoking could make her bosses think she's willing to make it places but if she quit, then they'd consider her a stronger-willed person who is apt to be a supervisor or somebody higher than where she's at. 

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