Pumpkin flavor becoming increasingly popular in America

  • The flavor of pumpkin has become omnipresent since it is being found in various products such as M&M's and Pop-Tarts. In fact, pumpkin sales topped $290M last year. 

    Senior vice president at Nielson said pumpkin has even appeared earlier than 2012. 

    For instance, Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte has been extremely popular since this summer and Dunkin' Donuts came up with its lineup in September as well. 

    Bruegger's Bagels also started selling its pumpkin bagel this September in order to meet the "demand of customers."

    Despite the fact that pumpkin products came out earlier this year, the heart of the season is between September and November when about 70 percent of the grocery sales take place. 

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