Poultry farm shut over cockroach infestation

  • Cockroach infestation are two words that can kill anyone's appetite when put together. The USDA didn't waste any time to close down a poultry plant in California after it encountered just that. 

    Foster Farms said it it conducted sanitizing and expects its operations to be fully resumed after the USDA is done re-inspecting its Livingston facility. It mentioned that the incident was isolated but the Food Safety and Inspection Services inspectors said the bugs were found on four different occasions during several months. 

    USDA blamed Foster Farms for failing to "maintain an effective pest control program..to ensure that wholesome, unadulterated meat and poultry products are produced."

    NBC noted that Foster Farms advised people to cook their chicken properly instead of recalling during the outbreak that sickened hundreds of people last year. 

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