NY man doesn't spend a penny while driving to Florida

  • A former truck driver has most likely set a new record by not spending even a dollar while driving from New York City to Miami. It took the man a total of 58 hours and 15 minutes to drive back to Miami and back and reports suggest that Michael Fritts was able to charge his Tesla Model S for free. He was looking to celebrate the anniversary of a significant 10-year-old event as well as this "wonderful vehicle," he said. 

    Fritts told WKTV that the experience made him feel like Batman and revealed that he slept inside the car while it was put on charge. Media reports say the car can travel for up to 150 miles after being charged for 20 minutes. Moreover, a computer monitor inside the vehicle lets the driver find these stations. 

    The man is now looking to gain recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

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