More people call themselves 'Lower Class' in America considering the economic downturn

  • Its been decades since pollsters have been asking for the identity of Americans based on their class.

    The latest survey suggests that more number of Americans- 8.4 percent have referred to themselves as being lower-class. That's not only a huge change from earlier but it is surprising to note that even part-time workers as well as those who attended college refer to themselves in this manner.

    Less than 55 percent of the people in the survey admitted to the fact that their families stand a chance of raising their standard of living.

    An expert said "things are not likely to get better anytime soon." Moreover, the wealth gap between the wealthy and the poor in the country has been increasing and the most wealthy people that made 10 percent of the population had over half of the nation's income last year. 

    The 2012 presidential election as well as the Occupy movement have resulted in making people aware of this fact. That may be the reason for more people identifying themselves as being lower-class since the numbers were fewer back in 1993 and 1983. 

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