McDonald's sues over eviction from Milan's Galleria

  • McDonald's has sued the city of Milan for $31 million in damages over being evicted from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

    The U.S. fastfood chain had rented the space in the busy shopping arcade for 20 years.

    A second Prada store will replace McDonald's in the 19th-century shopping mall due to a public tender whose terms McDonald's labeled as "unfair."

    To celebrate the last days of one of its busiest restaurants in the country, McDonald's offered free burgers, fries and drinks to over 5,000 people on Tuesday afternoon.

    "We wanted to say goodbye to the Galleria with a smile," said Paolo Mereghetti, head of communication at McDonald's in Italy.

    The eviction from the Galleria is expected to result in annual loss of $7.8 million though no jobs would be lost, Mereghetti added.