Japanese airlines ground Boeing Dreamliners

  • Two Japanese airlines grounded all of their Boeing 787 Dreamliners on Wednesday following a sixth problem to occur in less than two weeks.

    All Nippon Airlines (ANA) announced it had grounded all 17 of its 787s after one was forced to make an emergency landing in west Japan earlier this morning.

    Japan Air Lines Co Ltd (JAL) also said it would suspend all Dreamliner flights scheduled to take off.

    According to public broadcaster NHK, the ANA aircraft landed in Takamatsu and all 129 passengers and eight crewmembers were evacuated after smoke was seen in the cabin.

    A battery problem had resulted in the emergency landing.

    Boeing is currently facing an inquiry by American and Japanese authorities.

    Last week, U.S. aviation watchdog, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ordered a review of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner after five separate issues with the aircraft in as many days.

    On Friday, oil was discovered leaking from another ANA operated Dreamliner in southern Japan.

    On the same day, a cracked cockpit window was found on another of its 787s.

    Two days prior to that, a domestic flight was grounded by ANA because brake parts needed to be replaced.

    Last Monday, a JAL jet was grounded at Boston Logan International airport in the United States due an engine fuel leak while another JAL 787 filled with smoke shortly after passengers and crew had disembarked.

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