Hotel room rates rise in 2013 but guests are not complaining

  • The hotel industry in 2013 has been experiencing high levels of hotel guest satisfaction and the average daily rate of the rooms has increased by 5 percent so far this year.

    The hotel guest satisfaction is at the highest level since the past seven years, according to a study released today. This study considered seven factors including hotel services, facilities and reservation. The level of satisfaction has increased on each one of the factors. 

    On a 1000-point scale the average satisfaction is 777 as opposed to 757 in 2012 which is an increase of 20 points.

    The guests that showed the maximum amount of satisfaction were the ones who had interacted with at least four staff members in the hotel- 856 as opposed to 724, satisfaction of ones who did not interact with any of the staff. 

    However, amongst the guests that had reported problems during their stay included 31 percent of those that have had issues with the internet during their stay. Their level of satisfaction drops by about 130 points due to the same. 

    Nonetheless, hotel guests have been seeing the results of the efforts that are being put in by the hotel industry to boost consumer satisfaction. 

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